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The Deborah Harry song catalog you find on this page was compiled by me, the webmaster, with the help of my personal record collection, booklets, biographies, setlists, ASCAP, the LoC (Library of Congress), articles and (live) bootlegs. It's my goal to create a page which features Deborah's complete musical body of work, no matter if Deborah was in any way musically involved herself or whether she contributed her own lyrics to a project. In order to keep up the standard of this page and to make it grow you can help by submitting song titles and/or information which are missing on this site. Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Official song lyrics were taken from booklets. I transcribed those songs myself where no official lyrics were available (with no guarantee for their accuracy). I apologize for possible errors and will gladly take corrections. I kindly ask you not to copy any of these lyrics from this page.
All song pages include links to the albums, singles and/or live albums which they were released on. Best Ofs and soundtracks were only listed if there is a special mix available on the record or the song title itself was previously unreleased.

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length: 2:55
written by: Paul Klein & Art Petzal



The Wind In The Willows [album] (1968)

Moments Spent [single] (1968)


Realize before your eyes and your short skirts tossing at the morning well that from now on there's no calling you for a walk or downtown tripping anytime you could tantalize a midtown eye flip a short grin at
the rooftop morning

Uptown girl with your mystery could you would you play it really through could (could) could (could) could (could) could you devise a woman

Turning back and forth again radiant threads of color spin spin spin through the fabric magic carpet tones and a shred of yesterday that you would pass for kindness for ah the bitter thoughts you hide a lonely rabbit twirls his pocket watch and is looking right through you uptown girl just like a breeze lightly go now more and more is showing through a thought-dream passing by

At each fringe and corridor tripping by see changing open doors and a startled flash as all the figures blend and you wonder if the shade of certain ever ends as the people blending on your painted walls are much happier than somewhere tended to lead you uptown girl with your mystery could you would you play it really through could (could) could (could) could (could) could you devise a woman too Emma Emma Peel


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