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The filmography section contains a (more or less) complete list of movies, TV shows, TV series, internet appearances, documentaries, commercials, voice-overs, as well as other visual media-related involvements by Deborah.
All dates are broadcast dates.


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CBS This Morning (September 24, 2014) [TV]

Good Day New York (January 31, 2014) [TV]

SVT Kultur Nyheter (January 29, 2014) [TV]

Nyhetsmorgon (January 25, 2014) [TV]

Skavlan (January 24, 2014) [TV]



Sky Arts Talks Music [TV]

Project Runway: All Stars (October 24, 2013) [TV]

CNN: The Buzz Today (October 23, 2013) [TV]

New York Lives "Rob Roth" (September 2013) [documentary]

TW Classic 2013 interview (July 13, 2013) [internet]

Absolute Radio/Isle Of Wight Festival interview (June 16, 2013) [internet]

The One Show (June 13, 2013) [TV]

Fabulous Magazine (behind the scenes video) (June 2013) [internet]

Red Bull Music Academy (June 2013) [internet]

Oyster Magazine/Wheels and Dollbaby interview [internet]

Fashion: Backstage Pass (May 2013) [TV]

American Express Unstaged (April 2013) [TV]

PUNKING OUT: Platinum Blonde (March 2013) [internet]

Believe The Magic [short movie]



BPMTV Interview/Homebake Festival (December 8, 2012) [internet]

Yahoo! New Zealand (November 2012) [internet]

The Project (November 22, 2012) [TV]

The Morning Show (November 22, 2012) [TV]

Sunrise (November 22, 2012) [TV]

YouTube Presents: Blondie (October 10, 2012) [internet]

VICE Meets Debbie Harry (September 2012) [internet]

10 Magazine Cover Shoot (August 2012) [internet]

The Nation's Favourite Number One Single (July 15, 2012) [TV]

Lions Daily News Q&A (Cannes) (June 2012) [internet]

Showbiz Tonight (March 31, 2012) [TV]

Behind The Music Remastered: Blondie (February) [documentary]



Women Who Rock (November) [documentary]

Blondie - A Day In The Life/ (October 7) [internet]

Tonight Show with Jay Leno (October 6) [TV]

Today Show (September 12) [TV]

Guitar Center Sessions (August 27) [TV]

Arte Queens Of Pop (July 25) [TV]

London Tonight (July 12) [TV]

Live From Abbey Road (June 22) [TV]

Leute Heute (June 14) [TV]

Something For The Weekend (May 29) [TV]

Loose Women (May 27) [TV]

National Lottery (May 25) [TV]

Lorraine Kelly (May 25) [TV]

Later... with Jools Holland (May 24) [TV]

Access Hollywood Live (May 9, 2011) [TV]

'Rock 'n' Roll Exposed' documentary (April) [documentary]

Debbie sings 'Happy Birthday' for the American Cancer Society (March) [internet]

'Road To The Woodies' campaign - promo video (March) [internet]

'The Sunday Times' interview (March) [internet]

'London Today' & 'London Tonight' (January 13) [TV]

BBC Breakfast (January 13) [TV]



Pipe Dreams [short movie]

5 Minutes (October) [internet]

Fuse Noise (October) [TV]

60 Minutes (October 10) [TV]

Private Sessions (October 10) [TV]

Last Year Next Year This Year New Year [sketch/movie]



That Smell [sketch/movie]



REEL 13 interview (December) [TV]

Shelley Wade/Billboard's Women In Music Breakfast interview (October 24) [internet]

The Mystery Of Claywoman [movie] interview [internet]

ABC Local interview (October 2) [TV]

CW11 interview (October 2) [TV]

5th Annual Fashion Rocks (September 5) [TV]

Entertainment Tonight (June 6) [TV]

Artist On Artist (May 22) [internet]

More 4 (May) [TV]

Chelsea Lately (March 10) [TV]

Elegy [movie] [movie releases]

Hotel Gramercy Park [documentary]



The Singing Bee (December 21) [TV]

Die Ultimate Chartshow - New Wave (October 27) [TV]

The Hour (October 25) [TV]

Out Of The Box with Jonathan Clarke [Q104.3] (October 21) [internet]

Brisant (October 17) [TV]

Exclusiv (October 16) [TV]

Leute Heute (October 16) [TV] (October) [internet]

Channel 4 (October 16) [internet]

Good Day NY (October 10) [TV]

The Sauce (October 9) [TV]

Today Show (October 9) [TV]

MSG NY (October 5) [internet]

Artisan News Service (October 4) [internet] (October 2) [internet]

CNN (October) [TV]

Access Hollywood (October) [internet]

Mirror (September 21) [internet]

Digital Spy (September 21) [internet]

BBC News 24 Hardtalk (September 20) [TV]

Loose Women (September 19) [TV]

Lorraine Kelly (September 18) [TV]

The Andrew Marr Show (September 16) [TV]

Punk Rock Pre-School (Anarchy In The Pre-K) (September) [internet]

The Late Late Show (September 14) [TV]

Shining Through: Behind the Scenes at True Colors (June 21) [documentary]

Today Show (May 25) [TV]

The Dame Edna Treatment [performed: 'One Way Or Another' (with Dame Edna)] (April 14) [TV]

House Of Boys [movie]

Anamorph [movie] [movie releases]



One Way Or Another [documentary]

Hanging with Debbie and Chris (March 14) [TV]

Good Morning America [performed: 'Heart Of Glass'] (March 14) [TV]

MTV News - artists remember CBGB [TV]

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony [performed: 'Rapture' & 'Call Me'] (March 13) [TV]

Too Tough To Die: A Tribute to Johnny Ramone [documentary]

Full Grown Men [movie] [movie releases]

The BRITS (February 16) [TV]



Face Addict [documentary]

VH-1 Classics - Greatest Hits (December) [documentary]

The Record Of The Year 2005 [TV]

The Paul O'Grady Show (episode 3.57) (November 29) [TV]

Tubridy Tonight (episode 2.6) (November 12) [TV]

Fashion Rocks (October 17)

Amiga Forever [documentary]

Blondie: Greatest Hits, Sight and Sound [DVD releases]

Disco: Spinning The Story [documentary]

All We Are Saying [documentary]

Kiki And Herb Reloaded [documentary]

When Disco Ruled The World [documentary]

TV Party [documentary]

I Remember You Now [movie]

Patch [movie]

Honey Trap [movie]



Hip-Hop Honors [TV]

Live By Request [DVD releases]

The 5th Annual Women Rock [performed: 'Heart Of Glass', 'Rapture', 'Bounce Along' (with Shirley Manson) & 'Call Me' (with Shirley Manson, Angie Stone, Kelly Clarkson & Vivica A. Fox)] (September 28) [TV]

And You Don't Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop [documentary]

When Playboy Ruled the World [documentary]

Class Of '80 Debbie Harry [documentary]

Totally Gayer [documentary] The Ultimate Pop Star [documentary]

Jeremy Vine (episode 1.4) (May 13) [TV]

Breakfast with the Arts [performed: 'Good Boys', 'Heart Of Glass' & 'Undone'] (May 2) [TV]

VH-1 Divas Live [performed: 'Rapture' (with Eve), 'Good Boys', 'One Way Or Another' (with Joss Stone) & 'Call Me'] (April 25) [TV]

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn [performed: 'Good Boys'] (April 15) [TV]

Good Day Live (April 15) [TV]

The View [performed: 'Good Boys'] (April 13) [TV]

Weekend Today [performed: 'Call Me' & 'End To End'] (April 10) [TV]

Today aka NBC News Today aka The Today Show [performed: 'Good Boys' & 'Heart Of Glass'] (April 7) [TV]

The Late Show with David Letterman [performed: 'Good Boys'] (March 13) [TV]

Last Call with Carson Daly [performed: 'Good Boys'] (March 3) [TV]

Sessions@AOL (February 24) [internet]

Entertainment Now (February 21) [TV]

Picture This: Blondie and Debbie Harry (documentary) (available with the 'Picture This' book)

Ramones Raw [documentary]



Mayor Of The Sunset Strip [documentary]

Totally Gay [documentary]

Rage (September) [documentary]

Pulse (episode 1.4) (November 21) [documentary]

interview after Hamburg concert (November 2) [TV]

Sen kväll med Luuk (episode 2.6) (October 31) [TV]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Good Boys'] (October 17) [TV]

Tout Le Monde En Parle (September 27) [TV]

The Late Late Show (September 26) [TV]

Will & Grace - episode "Dames at Sea" (episode 6.1) (September 25) [TV series]

GMTV [performed: 'Good Boys'] (September 16) [TV]

Good Morning Australia (August) [TV]

Sunrise (August) [TV]

Today (August) [TV]

Enough Rope (episode 1.23) (August 18) [TV]

AAPT interview (August) [TV]

Rove Live (August 5) [TV]

MTV Heroes - When Harry Met Kelly (August 3) [TV]

Will & Grace - episode "24" (episode 5.24) (May 15) [TV series]

The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn (April 15) [TV]

The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1: The Moab Story [movie] [movie releases]

Ghostlight [documentary]

Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture [documentary]

A&E Biography [documentary]

A Good Night To Die [movie] [movie releases]

My Life Without Me [movie] [movie releases]

End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones [documentary]



Absolutely Fabulous - episode "Gay" (episode 4.7) (December 27) [TV series]

Graham Norton (episode 2.39) (December 12) [TV]

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City (game) [voice]

Des And Mel (November) [TV]

Heaven And Earth [TV]

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (episode 3.2) (October 25) [TV]

Blondie: Greatest Video Hits [DVD releases]

Stormy Weather: The Music Of Harold Arlen [documentary]

Try Seventeen/All I Want [movie] [movie releases]

The Alternative Rock And Roll Years pt. 3: film [TV]

The Alternative Rock And Roll Years pt. 2: dressing up [TV]

The Alternative Rock And Roll Years pt. 1: music [TV]

I Love Muppets [TV series]

Spun [movie] [movie releases]

Graham Norton (episode 1.10) (May 17) [TV]

Deuces Wild [movie] [movie releases]



Musicians On Bravo [performed: 'One Way Or Another', 'Night Wind Sent', 'Double Take' & 'Heart Of Glass']

The Fluffer [movie]

The British Comedy Awards 2001 [TV]

Comedy Central Presents: The N.Y. Friars Club Roast of Hugh Hefner [TV]

Crossover [documentary]

25 Years Of Punk [documentary]



Red Lipstick [movie]

Andy Kaufman/A&E Biography [documentary]

In Bad Taste [documentary]

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (May 6) [TV]



Mad TV [performed: 'Maria' & 'Call Me'] (December 11, 1999) [TV series]

Politically Incorrect (December 3, 1999) [TV]

Ein Herz für Kinder [performed: 'Maria'] [TV]

Zoo [movie]

The Late Late Show [performed: 'Hanging On The Telephone'] (November 30) [TV]

100 Greatest Women Of Rock & Roll [documentary]

Blondie: Live [video + DVD releases]

Leute Heute (July 2) [TV]

Beneath The Bleach [documentary]

Today Show [performed: 'Call Me' & 'Maria'] (June 4) [TV]

Pepsi Charts [performed: 'Nothing Is Real But The Girl'] [TV]

Where Music Meets Film: Live From Sundance [documentary]

Andy Warhol/A &E Biography [documentary]

This Morning [TV]

The Directors episode 'The Films of David Cronenberg' (episode 1.10) [documentary]

Rosie O'Donnell [performed: 'Maria' & 'Call Me'] (March 2) [TV]

Dini Petti Show (March) [TV]

The Late Show with David Letterman [performed: 'Maria'] (February 25) [TV]

120 Minutes (February 21) [TV]

Tonight Show with Jay Leno [performed: 'Maria'] (February 18) [TV]

Later... with Jools Holland [TV]

WahWah (February 16) [TV]

La Fureur (February) [TV]

Nulle Part Ailleurs (February) [TV]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Maria'] (February 12) [TV]

Guinness Show der Rekorde (January 31) [TV]

SMTV (January 30) [TV]

TFI (January 29) [TV]

T4 (January 24) [TV]

National Lottery [performed: 'Maria'] (January 23) [TV]

Channel 4 100 Albums [TV]

Channel 4 100 Singles [TV]

Chris Evans [performed: 'Hanging On The Telephone' & 'Call Me'] [TV]

CNN World Beat [TV]

Entertainment Weekly [TV]

MTV interview [TV]

VH1 Behind The Music [video + DVD releases]

O Zone [TV]

Speak Easy [TV]

Jam (January) [documentary]

American Music Awards [performed: 'No Exit' (with Coolio)] (January 11) [TV]

ABC TGIF (January 8) [TV]

Today Show (January 4) [TV]




Joe's Day [movie]

Confessions Of Beverly Hills [movie]

Who Is Harry Smith? [documentary]

The Nova Convention Revisited [documentary]



Six Ways To Sunday [movie] [movie releases]

Nokia Night Of The Proms [TV]

The Late Show with David Letterman (February 12) [TV]

Copland [movie]

L.A. Johns [movie]

Unauthorized Biography: Milo, Death of a Supermodel [documentary]

We're Outta Here [documentary]



Sandman [movie]

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch episode "Pilot" (episode 1.1) (September 27) [TV series]

Die Harald Schmidt Show [performed: 'Olé'] (July 11) [TV]

The Big Breakfast (February 9) [TV]

Willemsens Woche [performed: 'Imitation Of A Kiss'] [TV]

The RuPaul Show [TV]



Lauren Hutton and... [TV]

Wigstock: The Movie [documentary]

Heavy [movie] [movie releases]

Drop Dead Rock [movie]

Penn & Teller's Smoke And Mirrors [voice]

Rock & Roll [documentary]

Dancing Barefoot [documentary]

The State's 43rd Annual All-Star Halloween Special [TV]

Phantom 2040 episode 'Lasers in the Jungle' [voice]



Dead Beat [movie] [movie releases]

Mississippi Delta [TV]

Phantom 2040 episode 'Three Into One' [voice]

Phantom 2040 episode 'Reflections Of Glory' [voice]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Atomic' (remix)] [TV]

The Jon Stewart Show (August 24) [TV]



Body Bags [movie] [movie releases]

The Adventures of Pete & Pete episode 'New Year's Pete' [TV series]

Tribeca - The Loft [TV series]

Double Switch [voice]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'I Can See Clearly'] (June 17) [TV]

This Morning with Richard and Judy [TV]

Dial Midnight [TV]




Intimate Stranger [movie] [movie releases]



The Real Story Of O Christmas Tree [movie]

Monsters episode 'Desirable Alien' (episode 3.18) (January 27) [TV series] [video releases]



Tales From The Darkside: The Movie [movie] [movie releases]

Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme [movie]

The Complete Picture: The Very Best of Deborah Harry & Blondie [video releases]

Lifestyles Of The Ramones [documentary]

Bravo Profiles [documentary]

Red Hot And Blue [documentary]

The Media Show [TV]

Good Morning Australia (March) [TV]

Tonight Live With Steve Vizard (March) [TV]

One To One (January) [TV]

Yo! MTV Raps (January 13) [TV]



New York Stories [movie] [movie releases]

PostModern MTV (December 21) [TV]

Cilla's Goodbye To The '80s [movie]

Des O'Connor (December 6) [TV]

Big World (December) [TV]

Hit Studio International [TV]

Rapido (October 26) [TV]

The Arsenio Hall Show [performed: 'I Want That Man'] (October 25) [TV]

Top Of The Pops (October 19) [TV]

David Sanborn's Night Music TV [performed: 'I Want That Man', 'Calmarie' & 'Waiting For Mary'] (October 15) [TV]

Wogan (October 6) [TV]

Newsroom Southeast (October) [TV]

Wiseguy episode 'The Rip-Off Stick' (episode 2.15) (March 22) [TV series]

Wiseguy episode 'And It Comes Out Here' (episode 2.14) (March 8) [TV series]

Wiseguy episode 'Dead Dog Lives' (episode 2.13) (March 1) [TV series]

Saturday Night Live: 15th Anniversary (audience member) [TV]



Tales From The Darkside: the series [TV series] [releases]

Hairspray [movie] [movie releases]

Satisfaction aka Girls Of Summer [movie]

Good Morning America [TV]



Forever, Lulu aka Crazy Streets [movie] [movie releases]

'Crime Story' episode 'Top of the World' (episode 1.21) (March 6) [TV series]

Saturday Night Live (episode 12.9) [performed: 'French Kissin' In The USA' & 'In Love With Love'] (January 17) [TV]

Howard Stern (January 10) [TV]

Music Box [TV]

Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes [documentary]



Today [TV]

Sara Lee [commercial]



MTV Video Music Awards [TV]

Good Morning America [TV]



Videodrome [movie] [movie releases]

Rock & Rule [singing voice] [movie releases]

Co*Ed [TV]

The Russell Harty Show [TV]



A New Face Of Debbie Harry [documentary]

Blondie: Live! [video + DVD releases]

BBC Nationwide [TV]

Kid Jensen Show (May 19) [TV]



New York Beat Movie aka Downtown 81 Glenn O'Brien's New York Beat Movie [movie] [movie releases]

Entertainment Tonight (episode 1.1) [TV]

BBC Newsnight [TV]

Saturday Night Live (episode 6.10) [performed: 'Come Back Jonee' & 'Love TKO'] (February 14) [TV]

Women Who Rate A 10 [documentary]

The Best Of Blondie [video releases]



Roadie [movie] [movie releases]

Union City [movie] [movie releases]

Solid Gold episode "Pilot #4" [performed: 'Call Me'] (August 14) [TV]

Muppet Show (episode 5.9) [performed: 'One Way Or Another', 'The Rainbow Connection' & 'Call Me'] (August 4) [TV series]

Murjani commercial taping (July 22) [commercial]

Murjani commercial taping (April 30) [commercial]

Pink Lady aka Pink Pady and Jeff (episode 1.4) (March 28) [TV series]

Pink Lady aka Pink Pady and Jeff (episode 1.1) (March 1) [TV series]

20/20 (February 28) [TV]

The 22nd Annual Grammy Awards [TV]

Dick Clark [TV]



Eat To The Beat [video + DVD releases]

Old Grey Whistle Test (December 31) [TV] [DVD releases]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Sunday Girl' & 'Dreaming'] (December 25) [TV]

Swap Shop (December) [TV]

Mr. Mike's Mondo Video [TV]

Saturday Night Live (episode 5.1) [performed: 'Dreaming' & 'The Hardest Part'] (October 13) [TV]

Coca Crystal Show (September 26) [TV]

Musikladen (episode 1.47) [performed: 'Sunday Girl'] (July 12) [TV]

Merv Griffin Show (May 28) [TV]

American Bandstand (May 12) [TV]

Disco (episode 1.100) [performed: 'Heart Of Glass'] (April 30) [TV]

Toppop (April 12) [TV]

Musikladen (episode 1.45) [performed: 'Heart Of Glass'] (March 22) [TV]

The Midnight Special (January 19) [TV]

Glenn O' Brien's TV Party [TV]

Kids Are People, Too [TV]

Mike Douglas Show [performed: 'Heart Of Glass' & 'One Way Or Another'] [TV]



The Foreigner [movie]

Rock Concert aka Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (November 11) [TV]

Musikladen (episode 1.41) [performed: 'I'm Always Touched By Your Presence, Dear'] (September 21) [TV]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Picture This'] (August 24) [TV]

UK Gold (August 24) [TV]

Mike Douglas Show [performed: 'Denis' & 'Youth Nabbed As Sniper'] (April) [TV]

Musikladen (episode 1.38) [performed: 'Denis'] (March 23) [TV]

Old Grey Whistle Test (March 7) [TV]

Top Of The Pops [performed: 'Denis'] (February 23) [TV]

Musikladen (episode 1.37) [performed: 'X Offender'] (January 19) [TV]



So It Goes [TV]

Granada Television (November 7) [TV]



The Blank Generation [documentary]

Deadly Hero [movie] [movie releases]

Unmade Beds [movie] [movie releases]












































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